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Le Sang Co. Belgian Wild Style Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea brewed with wild Belgian yeast in the style of a Flemish red ale. Le Sang Co. focuses on communal experience creating a product that is designed to be shared and enjoyed with friends in contrast to the typically singular kombucha experience.  To address this focus on community I chose to can it and package it in 12 pack boxes. 


The art direction was informed by tarot cards, medieval illustrations and art nouveau. In so doing we connect to the old world, both distant and recent pasts, while creating an air of mystery.


Each can of Belgian Wild Style Kombucha provides a fun, interactive experience. They each have a peel off sticker which contains symbols which can be entered in the Le Sang Co. fortune teller app to reveal your tarot card of the day and its meaning.

La Sang Co. Kombucha

Concept, illustration, logo, package design, app concept, UI

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