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Balance Media is a production team specializing in high end, beautiful story telling through film for organizations that have important stories to tell. Their business model consists of balancing high cost clients with more affordable services for non profits and agents of social change. Often these projects lead them to exotic locals, and challenging situations. 


I was tasked with creating a comprehensive identity that was sleek enough to appeal to high end clients while staying true to the adventurous nature of the brand. While the name implies a certain stability, their true strength lies in their ability to produce beautiful work in remote often hostile environments, all while leaving a minimal footprint. The challenge became how to make balance a dynamic process. 


I began research into animals that used their sense of balance for survival which lead to the mountain goat as an embodiment of this process. The color ways are a reference to their frequent collaborations with the national parks and their conservation work. Once completed, I implemented the new identity in a multipart mailer to reconnect with existent clients and developed a content rich landing page targeting commercial clients. The site can be viewed here

Branding, art direction, print/web design.

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